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Prestige Construction LLC company chooses eresource NFRA (Contracting ERP) for operational excellence




Prestige Constructions LLC, truly a reputed name in the field of construction industry in the UAE with more than 20 years experience in the field has decided to implement eresource Nfra ERP system for company’s business operations. eresource Nfra, one of its kind ERP system for Construction and Infrastructure has been chosen by the company on pure merit and quality of the product. At Presetige Construction we strive to excel in every service we provide, adding value for our customers wherever possible, and thereby attaining national leadership in the construction industry. Prestige Constructions LLC is leading the construction industry in the UAE and other part of the world by constructing residential buildings and other civil constructions. The company with a workforce of 867 employees under their belt has till date completed 1730 construction projects.They have also so far won 257 prestigious awards in various countries for quality work.

Eng. N. Alam Choudhary, CEO, Prestige Construction LLC.
Awarding ERP Order to Mr. Sudheer Soman Nair, CEO, eresource ERP.
eresource consider the association with Prestige Constructions LLC as a great opportunity and grateful to the management for choosing eresource Nfra for their business operations. Within just 20 days from the date of Placement of Order, the Deployment of ERP is executed on the Production Server, GAP Assessemnt is performed and Training sign-off has also been done for Prestige Construction LLC.
Prestige Construction LLC signed an agreement with eresource to implement a new Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) initiative in the company. The new ERP system will accelerate different departments’ performance, including Project, Tendering, Operations finance, accounting, procurement, customer care and billing.
Implementation of ERP will be helpful for rapid process, save time, and it would also be helpful for collection of bills, com-pany executives said at signing, according to the news source.
Transparency and merit was the first priority from bidding to the final stage and eresource was selected after technical and financial comparative review of different ERP, said Chief Financial Executive Mr. Ali.
The implementation will include core ERP functionality right from Tendering Management, BOQ Management, Esti-mation, Job Costing, Work Order Man-agement, Budgetting, Project Manage-ment, Site Activity Portal, Billing and Certification, Accounts and Human Resource Management
We are currently embarking on an exciting journey to implement ere-source ERP across our company. So far we did a complete run-through of all our processes in the ERP with LIVE data and the ERP worked seamlessly. The best part is the power of configuration that allows us to adapt ERP as per business dynamics. The reporting tool is excellent. We cannot wait enough for the PROJECT to be 100% Live, which we hope to make it within 3 month, said Mr. Ali.


eresource: Mr. Choudhury, can you enlighten us about your company, Prestige Constructions LLC?
Mr. Choudhury: Prestige constructions was started more than 20 years ago. However, it is only last one decade that we have really started focusing the UAE market. The response we have received in the UAE construction market is unimaginable. Over the years, Prestige Constructions has grown from strength to strength, laying each brick with strong ethics and morals. The development has been multi-faceted and richly diversified across the verticals of residential, retail, educational, social and industrial.
eresource: What made you to come to construction field? You need to have a big financial background to start a company like Prestige. Any comment?
Mr. Choudhury: Certainly not. There were no big initial investments. It was my qualification, experience and passion for civil engineering that made the dream come true. From a humble beginning to one of the most trusted construction companies in the UAE and Middle East, we attribute our success to a blend of passion, innovation dedication and com-mitment. We have earned a reputation for timely delivery without compromising on quality.
eresource: What made you to settle for eresource Nfra ERP system for your business operations?
Mr. Choudhury: We were in need of a good ERP system to manage big volume of our business operations. We learned about eresource ERP for Construction from different partners and also evaluated the companies potential and capability to deliver industry Specific ERP software. You know we have multiple projects running on various locations and countries. Managing them with one centralized ERP system was need of the hour. We evaluated few ERP system but unfortunately nothing matched our requirement. That’s when we have decided to check on eresource Nfra.
We have really impressed with its demonstration and decided to get a detailed presentation. A detailed presentation with an informative de-liberation from eresource team made us settle for eresource Nfra. The decision to go for eresource Nfra was taken unanimously after discussing with all our managers who are responsible for running different divisions in Prestige.
eresource: You have won many awards. What awards meant to you?

Mr. Choudhury: Prestige Constructions has been receiving many prestigious awards and honour from its clients and authorities. Just to name few, ‘Business Excellency Award’, from LULU Hyper Market group’s chairman Mr. Yusuf Ali, Delivery Excellence Award from H H Sheikh Sultan Bin Saqr Al Nuaimi and On-time Delivery Appreciation Award from Mr Hann, Chairman KB Remicon South Korea. However the best award has been a 100% track record of repeat business from our prestigious clientele; we hereby thank them for the patronage. Though awards are recognition for good work, it also brings more responsibility . With each awards we are getting more responsible towards our commitments.
eresource: What are the prime factors that have helped in your way of success?
Mr. Choudhury: Prestige Constructions has always laid emphasis on sustainable growth and has therefore reinvented itself with latest construc-tion technologies and implementa-tion of the best industry practices. For decades, with each project and with each square foot built, Prestige Constructions has become the organization it is today.
eresource: Your clients?
Mr. Choudhury: We have associated with a wide range of high-profile clients. We invest more time to emphasis on how we can add value to our clients. We value association, ensure that there is full transparency, develop trustworthy relationships and deliver results.
eresource: How you foresee the future for Prestige Constructions?
Mr. Choudhury: Prestige Constructions envisions establishing an unrivalled reputation of “under-commit, over-deliver” , in terms of time frame, costing and overall client’s expectations. We will constantly strive for excellence in the pursuit of perfection in whatever we do. We will strive to achieve, surpass and become the con-struction industry’s benchmark.
eresource: All the best you and Pres-tige.
Mr. Choudhury: All the best to eresource too