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eresource nfra, much more than an ERP system for Construction industry
ersource-nfra-article-image1.jpg Construction and infrastructure projects are always a complex mission and therefore a software to manage these projects would naturally hold its complex nature reflecting on it. However, understanding every aspect of its nature and the determination to find a suitable and effective ERP solution is the result of eresource nfra system, an exclusive ERP system for Construction and Infrastructure industry.

Construction companies execute a wide variety of projects across diverse markets and customers. Each projects has its own merit and demerits and these projects could vary from simple to highly-complex, each having different requirements with different project budget, procuring materials, tracking project documents, managing scope changes, preparing forecasts, etc. Many a time project managers have to break their head to make projects progressing in a smooth flow and it is imperative for them to have the proper tools to manage their work more efficiently and effectively.

eresource nfra ERP

When we said that most of the construction and infrastructures projects are complex in nature the claim holds much water. Drawing a complete picture of a project will make it clear how these projects are getting ironed out effectively. As far as project is concerned a baseline budget is the key factor. A baseline budget for labor hours and project costs broken down via a work breakdown structure that allows a project manager to accurately track the progress of their job.

When a budget is made it just cannot be made out on the basis of fixed bid jobs, but also time and material jobs. It is also to be taken into account that consistently overrunning on time and material (T&M) projects can negatively affect the ability to secure repeat work with that customer in the future. Ability to manage risk is an important factor on the part of a project manager and that contributes to their ability to complete their projects successfully. There are number of functions that could bring risk and these function must be effectively controlled. Labor Productivity, Procurement, Project Documents, Forecasting, Labor Productivity Analysis, Gross Margin Variance, Cash Position are some of the functions that must be handled carefully and effectively by a project manager for the successful completion of a project.

So questions arises how could a project manager handle these areas effectively. Answer is very simple. With the help of a reliable ERP software that could cater to every need of companies that undertakes construction projects, especially the important portfolios like Project Mangers in the organization. Over the years eresource ERP has been widely accepted as the one of the most reliable and effective ERP solution for Construction and Infrastructure industry. However, understanding the sophistication in working method in this industrial segments, eresource has introduced an exclusive ERP solution for construction industry and the system, eresource nfra ERP, has become an big hit among the construction companies and India and abroad, especially in the UAE.

In places like UAE, where all constructions a fast-paced project, implementing an ERP solution like eresource nfra will be an added advantage and with this system it is easy for a project manager work quickly with different projects simultaneously as the could automate much of this workflow,

For more information and a live demo, please contact our sales division in this email mail ID sales@eresourceinfotech.com or contact us through our website site: http://www.eresourceerp.com

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