• An exclusive eresource Xcel ERP Software for Manufacturing Industry

    eresource Xcel, the exclusive Manufacturing ERP system, has been designed for manufacturing excellence with visibility throughout the operation and embedded support for a wide variety of manufacturing process.

Industry Specific ERP

Manufacturing ERP Software Solution

Grow your business faster and more profitable with eresource Xcel - Manufacturing ERP


eresource Xcel - ERP for Manufacturing offers solution that enables manufacturers to compete in today’s aggressive business environment. The depth of functionality means that the solution can be readily adapted to support a wide range of operational execution styles. eresource is designed with operation efficiency in mind. Operation efficiency requires a system that run every aspects of your business, as you can cut cost, bring product to the market sooner, comply with regulations and improve customer relationships. 


eresource Xcel - Manufacturing ERP Suite

One of the most advantages of eresource ERP – Xcel, is that it is a Web-based solution, which allows you to work or access information from anywhere at any time provided there is a laptop and Internet connection. eresource ERP – Xcel comprises of many useful modules such as Admin & Masters Management, Sales Management, Purchase Management, Store Management, BOM Management, Planning Management, Production Management, Quality Management, Jobwork Management, Billing Management and Accounts Management with GST READY.


eresource Xcel - ERP for Manufacturing has successfully empowered many of demanding customers across the world by perusing excellence, building and delivering enterprise solutions. eresource’s ERP practice is primarily process driven and provide organization with the strategic insight, ability to differentiate, increased productivity and flexibility they need to succeed. 


Access your business anytime, anywhere.

Working online with eresource Xcel - ERP for Manufacturing, you will gain the freedom and flexibility to manage your enterprise the way that works for you. Work from home o while on move. Share information with your colleagues without sending files back and forth.


Manage your business more effectively 


eresource Xcel - ERP for Manufacturing allows users to access features based on the access grant permitted to them. Similarly, even the contractors, customers and suppliers can access their respective information without having access to the rest of the features. All the events clicked by any user is logged in the activity log section, which makes sure that everyone is accountable and every transaction is traceable

It is affordable, easy to use and quick to implement 


With eresource, you and your colleagues can access the enterprise solution modules including Finance, Inventory, Material Management, Production, Planning, Human Resource from anywhere with a desktop and internet connection. Simply put, you have flexibility to manage and access your company’s information from anywhere and at any time

eresource Xcel - Manufacturing ERP Features

Cost Reductions

As this integrated system works from a centrally located database server which can accessed from different locations, branches and departments, the information data has been passed quickly and accurately to all quarters for a immediate and flawless decision making. This will help the organizations to reduce the administrative operation costs also other department to manage its operations proactively. This accurate transportation of information data also helps prevents any disruptions and delays in works.

Increased efficiency

eresource Xcel Manufacturing ERP system allows organizations to track all supply chain activities in great detail from start to finish – a task that would be nearly impossible otherwise. It is therefore any procedures and processes that could hinder productivity and slow down any work and delivery of goods can be instantly identified and corrective measures can be taken to ensure smooth flow of operations.

Tailor made ERP for manufacturing

eresource Xcel has been designed to match with all the modern operational methods of a manufacturing firm. The system has been developed with understanding of unique needs of manufacturing business. Eresource Xcel ERP systems also have the ability to adapt with the ever-changing needs of a growing manufacturing business.

Product quality

Monitoring product defects and problems effectively would help the production of quality products. An efficient ERP system like eresource Xcel has been integrated with a quality control module that could help manufacturing firms with production of high quality product manufacturing. This module can pinpoint areas where quality issue is occurring and can direct the appropriate actions needed to ensure quality of the product. This, in turn, will boost sales, customer satisfaction, and profits.

Investment could reap benefits

If any of the members from manufacturing fraternity thinks investing in an ERP system is a waste of resource, then some day they will be at the receiving end. Because manufacturing companies cannot afford to put off an ERP implementation fearing the initial investment, while their competition invests in ERP and starts reaping the benefit


eresource Xcel - Manufacturing ERP benefits

  • Increase Operational Efficiency.
  • Gain business visibility.
  • Improve customer relationship.
  • Streamline Production and planning.
  • Optimize IT investments.
  • Comply with regulations.
  • Cut costs.
  • Bring product to market sooner.
  • Monitor and control expenses.
  • Reduce errors.
  • Get accurate, timely information.


  • Support your changing needs.
  • Get a complete view of your business.
  • Make better business decision.
  • Deliver the right product at right time.
  • Keep customer promises.
  • Ability to modify/ configure statutory changes.
  • Reduced product cost.
  • Improved closure rates, increased market share.
  • Improved sales and opportunity visibility, lower customer service costs.
  • Global reach, better inventory visibility, higher customer satisfaction.


eresource ERP provides you with rich security features to protect your valuable data. Granting and controlling user authentication is far more flexible and provides security at micro level.

Implementation support
A proven implementation methodology for rapid deployment and time to value, backed by unmatched customer support resources to ensure 24/7 accessibility and service.


What makes eresource Xcel an intelligent ERP?

What makes eresource Xcel special? And what it should be termed as an intelligent ERP solution? These are the questions that may cross over the head some of the people. To simply put it, eresource Xcel for manufacturing ERP has the ability to turn raw data into actionable information. Intelligent integration of modules in the the Xcel ERP performs these activities. The system also collects more data, analyzes those data from multiple perspectives, and provides information based on exceptions and business rules. It is definitely can be termed as an intelligent method of operations.

The result of intelligent operations results in better forecasting, analyzing, prediction, and reporting. In turn, that means more efficient use of resources and business processes. As you can find this being a perfect solution for manufacturing operations, more and more companies in the coming years would opt for intelligent ERP like eresource Xcel, rather than just going for an ordinary ERP system because there’s more to it than just the technology. Having said about the intelligent system, for any optimum result from technology advancement, the system must also be used intelligently and users must be properly trained for the desired result.

The result from an intelligent ERP depends on how intelligent your company is. Like we said earlier, ERP system whether it is an ordinary ERP or an intelligent ERP like eresource Xcel, there are some basic needs that must be followed for its potential usage and desired result. This is the area where the service of technical team of eresource stands high. Our work does not end with just the implementation, but make the system work to its optimum level with bringing the desired result in every possible manner.

All our implementations in India and abroad have been cent percent successful and that makes eresource Xcel one of the most-trusted ERP solutions by the manufacturing industry worldwide

Key factors

  • Sharing important information through intelligent eresource ERP system allows customers to see exactly what’s getting done and when.
  • eresource has developed exclusive ERP system for every major industrial verticals. eresource Xcel is for manufacturing industry can manage all the processes of a manufacturing company without having to consider any other system.
  • Use eresource ERP system to set up data triggers that can prompt staff ranging from the shop floor to the executive suites to complete tasks and conduct data analysis.

eresource ERP Xcel for Manufacturing Industry - Modules

manufacturing erp customer relationship management module Customer Relationship (CRM)

CRM Module helps the organization in getting the customer order management easier day by day.

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manufacturing erp bill of material management module Bill of Material Management

The BOM module is used to maintain the details of product requirements i.e to create which product and quantity required.

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manufacturing erp material production scheduling module Material Production Scheduling

MPS in eresource Xcel generates an accurate and detailed schedule of orders and enables what is required to be produced.

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manufacturing erp material requirement planning module Material Requirement Planning

MRP module provides information that enables the company to have enough inventory on hand.

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manufacturing erp purchase management module Purchase Management

Purchase module deals with all the items or products required which is not in stores. The required item list is created in this module.

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manufacturing erp quality control and assurance management module Quality Control Assurance

Quality Control module facilities are versatile and offer support in every phase of your operations from receipt and acceptance.

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manufacturing erp jobwork management module Jobwork Management

This module allows you to make products from outside sources with your own material.

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manufacturing erp plant maintenance module Plant Maintenanace (Engineering)

Plant and Machine Maintenance Module in eresource ERP captures information of equipment maintenance.

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manufacturing erp accounts and finance module Accounts and Finance

Finance Resource Management in eresource Xcel gathers financial data from various functional departments.

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manufacturing erp human resource management module Human Resource Management

Human Resource module in eresource ERP streamlines the management of human resources.

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manufacturing erp production management module Production Management

The function of Production Management module is the production of items as per requirement.

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