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Harman Finochem improves production efficiency with integrated ERP System


Harman Finochem Limited is a leading India-based Pharmaceutical Company which specializes in the manufacture and export of more than 45 Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (APls) of which 10 are Essential Drugs as per the WHO Model List. Harman delivers top quality products to more than 35 countries across the globe


The Challenge:

The Client being a leading manufactur-er and exporter of API Products and has a wide span of Departments having 3 locations and different processes which though functioned under the best Management and Supervision but due to improper integration of Re-sources and poor correlation, it often suffered disruption in work processes and produced difficulties in maintaining the statutory requirements. Lack of co-ordination also lead to unusual problems in smooth functioning between manufacturing processes and amongst various departments. There were separate channels of separate processes that caused increased input of work with reduced efficiency in functioning and prolonged functioning of normal processes that prevented the optimum utilization of resources.

Harman had faced with the challenge of growth and succeeding in an environ-ment that has become more complicated and uncertain, and one that is characterized by rapid developments in science
and technology, and organizational change. From the standpoint of the process industry, the impetus for change is the result of a combination of political, economic, technological and social factors; all of which have helped redefine the dy-namics of this particular industry.

“Harman Finochem Ltd. into Manufacturing and exporting of total 39 APIs out of which 10 are Essential Drugs.

The new ERP system implemented in our organization is much more accu-rate providing what we need, that too, when we needed. eresource ERP system has proved to be an ideal so-lution in meeting its specific batch manufacturing requirement, more importantly the standards like US FDA, EU-GMP German health Author-ity Hamburg, WHO GMP by inspec-tion, and TGA by DTA that eresource has in their system.Since the introduction of eresource ERP, jobs are carried smoothly and extremely satisfying way. The best part is the after sales support of ere-source ERP. ” --

Mr. Harpreet Singh Minhas
The Solution “eresource”

eresource, proved to be the best possible ERP solution to overcome the challenges faced by this client. The client was provided with an application, through which under a single point, there was integration of all its resources to improve and optimize their utility. eresource ERP provided a platform where at a single junc-ture all the processes and essen-tial functional activities were taken care of.

A clear advantage of the webbased ERP is that remote users like executives and sales reps can access the company system with browser, which is much more convenient than going through stand alone computer configured for Terminal Services. It also eliminates the need of upgrading of your network and other computer peripherals. eresource ERP’s fast and quick on-time implementation method helps the client commence their business operation through the system as per planned time schedule which ulti-mately helps all their business opera-tions.

eresource ERP for Process is a powerful end-to-end collaborative business integration solution for the process business. Process industry is highly regulated. Good Automated Manufac-turing Practice (GAMP), and other such regulatory bodies impose guidelines from time to time. eresource ERP for process increases the effectiveness and improves the efficiency of the pro-cesses and streamline internal opera-tions. Whether you need to increase your market share or be more profita-ble, eresource ERP for solution can help you achieve your goals and bring significant return on your investment.