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Venco Imtiaz Contracting LLC goes eresource way


One of the leading construction companies in the Middle East Venco Imtiaz Construction Company signs contract to implement eresource nfra ERP.



Venco Imtiyaz Contracting Co LLC signs a Million-AED deal with eresource MiddleEast.
Pic: Mr. Sanjith Menon
Director, eresource ERP with Mr. Masih Imtiyaz, Director, VICC,

Venco Imtiaz Contracting Co, widely known as VICC was Established in 1993, is a multinational corporation significantly operating in the Middle East, south Asia and North America. The company’s expertise include; Engineering Services, Turnkey Construction Solutions, Infrastructure Development, Industrial Facilities and K-Span Pre Engineered Buildings.

VICC diversely employs more than 4,500 people around the world making VICC as one of the leading construction companies in the respective regions.The strength of VICC lies in the ability to cultivate innovative, practical solutions for their clients. By combining vast experience and ISO Certified Management System, the company constantly enhance their capabilities in line with market forces in the global construction industry. Having their operational branches in USA, UAE, China and Afghanistan, they are capable of mobilizing their resources in the most strategic locations around the world.


The decision to implement eresource nfra ERP system for the company was taken after continues evaluation of number of ERP systems Currently the company operations are managed with various software applications such as Quick-Books for accounts, Primavera for Project Management and rest of the functions are managed on MS Excel.

With the volume of the project works that are under progress in various countries and locations the company was in badly need of a suitable ERP system that could take care of their each and every operational process. The quality of module and func-tions in eresource ERP is so flexible, scalable, adaptable and gives the ability to integrate project works of different projects

from one unified ERP solution helping project managers and other decision makers to scrutinize, manage and monitor the progress of each projects . This further enables them to make changes or alterations in the project works whenever neces-sary. Communication with and between every department from different locations also becomes an easy process.

Once implemented, eresource nfra ERP system will allow the Project Managers manage their work effectively from work stations and visibility of complete project related information will be available from anywhere and at anytime.


eresource had a brief informative chat with Mr. Ustad Rahimullah Barialay, Chairman, VICC to get his insights on VICC, one of the ever-growing construction organizations in the Middle East and many other Asian countries today.



Mr. Ustad Rahimullah Barialay, Chairman

eresource: Can you tell us what prompted your company which is originally an Afghan-based organization to enter in the Middle Eastern market?

Ustad Rahimullah Barialay : Well, you know that over the last decades, the Asian and Middle Eastern economies have encountered various exhilarating and challenging phases with tremendous growth. We at VICC are proud to be a part of this magnifying business environment since 1993 and are determined to sustain our contribution towards the emerging mar-kets and developing economies

eresource: What do you think of the changing global eco-nomical transitions and how it is going to affect construction industry like yours and also your business strategies?

Ustad Rahimullah Barialay: With the United States experiencing positive economic development and the weak economic conditions in the Euro Zone Area, the Chinese economy has too witnessed a moderation in its growth. VICC is strategically positioned to benefit from these exciting global economic.

eresource: Defintely, we know that VICC is growing.However, to make the matters more clear, can you tell us the secret behind your success? Whom will youo give the credit for your success?

Ustad Rahimullah Barialay: Well, the answer is simple. Honesty and Hard Work is the secret behind our success.This quality we have derived from our rich culture.The fundamental pillars of our rich history of accomplishments remains in our experienced, professional and highly motivated team who strive to harness their diverse synergies in their fields. We work hard to push the human boundaries with innovation and superior quality services. The preliminary goal of our dynamic workforce is to embark on a strategic mission to efficiently meet the requirements of our clients, to empower them to achieve their business and financial goals.

eresource: Can you enlighten us some thing about your relation with your customers and the service specialties?

Ustad Rahimullah Barialay: Our customer centric approach ensures that we build strong relationships with our partners and clients. We strive to understand their needs and deliver quality projects, on time and within the budget. We passionately believe that we offer a genuine point of difference from our competitors, who have contributed enormously to our growth and success as an organization. VICC’s ability to provide specialist services related to all activities within the construction industry, including civil, infrastructure, and energy has placed us in a unique position to offer outstanding one stop solution for all our clients.

eresource: We think you have a huge experienced workforce under your belt. How do you manage them?

Ustad Rahimullah Barialay: Well, along with a young and energetic generation of the Imtiaz family, we have managed to train a workforce of 14,000 employees and have partnered with over 160 subcontractors. With an experienced and honest workforce under our belt, we continuously refine our strategies to remain the world’s most valuable, most innovative and most admired company.

eresource: How would you present your organization in one sentence?

Ustad Rahimullah Barialay: An unstoppable organization that creates enormous value for our clients, our team, and our environment.