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More dynamic ERP modules with easy to operate interface

Companies that plan to invest in ERP system must do a proper evaluation before taking the final decision about the right choice of the ERP system. It is to be remembered in today's technologically advanced business environment, a web-based ERP system can definitely do wonders if not miracles.

Web-based eresource ERP system can definitely help all business operations. It makes the work easy with avoiding unnecessary entries of information. Once an order is entered, the same data could reflect in all necessary modules instantly. eresource ERP is more dynamic than any management software where you may need to do several entrances to complete one task. With eresouce ERP user can evaluate credit possibilities for a sale in real time according to client debt reports, helping you to reduce irrecoverable amounts.

The overwhelming enquiries about our system and its functional modalities, we felt it is necessary to make aware of our system to our aspirant customers in a more easily understandable manner. We also would like to intimate all our existing and aspirant customers that eresource ERP modules have been recently upgraded with more user friendly interface that helps easy operational methods for the users.

In this series of articles we will try to present some of our important modules with its functional modalities with its operational methods with the help of each module's screenshots. Readers who has any questions related to anything particular could write to us or calls us directly for more detailed briefing and live demos of our ERP system.

eresource ERP system consists of modules such as, Admin, Master, Support, Purchase, Stores, Sales, Service, Purchase Service, Account, Excise, Insurance, HR, Plant Maintenance, Design & RD, Production, QC (Quality Control), TPP, Job Work, PMC, Compliance and Utility. See the below screenshot to view how the modules has been arranged nearly to the convenience of the users.

The login page of eresource ERP system takes you to the system master page which allows the system administrator or any other authorized person from the company to define the company details, user details and their rights. This module has the option to add multiple companies and branches as per the requirement of the company that have implemented the system under the agreement signed with eresource. The administrator could enter the options such as Company Creation, Branch Creation and Financial Year though this screen and further manage the user rights.

The company name entered by the administrator will be displayed in the opening page from there the user could enter into the ERP modules of that particular company/branch.

When a company or its branch name is clicked, the user will be taken to the module pages where all the modules will be displayed and user could select the module to work with as per the right is given to them by the system administrator. (See below screenshot).

Details of working method of each modules will be elaborated in our coming articles which we hope will give a clear picture of India's leading Web-based eresource ERP.